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7 Game-Changing Ideas for 2024

Published 16 days ago • 3 min read

This week: 7 lessons from 2024 so far / Start Q2 with a bang / How to be a 'supercommunicator'

7 Game-Changing Ideas for 2024

Wow, that went fast! We are already approaching the end of the first three months of 2024.

It is fair to say that the year so far has been a whirlwind. Last month, we rebranded this newsletter to Speak Like a CEO and launched our new branding for the podcast and on LinkedIn.

And thanks to your support, the “Speak Like a CEO” podcast, my LinkedIn and this newsletter have been growing faster than ever. I'm truly grateful for your support!

Reflecting on 2024, this week I would like to share my most important ideas and learnings of the year to date.

I believe that understanding these will help you and me not just navigate the fast-moving world of 2024, but enjoy it more.

#1 “Charisma on tap”

Simon Alexander Ong, the author of “Energize” explained on the podcast how ”some people exhibit magnetic charisma simply through the incredible energy of their presence.”

The good news is: Charisma is a skill set, and charismatic people are made, not born. The fastest way to become more charismatic is by increasing your energy levels.

#2 The Goal of a Conversation is to Connect

We may think of a conversation as a way to exchange information. Charles Duhigg shows that “supercommunicators” (see book recommendation below) treat every conversation as an opportunity to connect.

#3 Beware the 7 Deadly Sins of Speaking

Podcast guest Julian Treasure (a top 10 TED speaker of all time) outlined the not-so-magnificent 7: gossip, judgmentalism, negativity, complaining, exaggeration, excuses, dogmatism.

We can all be prone to these. My weakness is judgmentalism. Not wanting to be a sinner when it comes to speaking, I am working on my tendency to be quick to judge.

#4 To Connect is Human

The 2-part podcast AI Special in February offered plenty of learnings on how AI impacts communications.

One of Matt Abrahams’ insights resonated in particular. (Matt is one of the world’s leading communications experts and lecturer at Stanford.)

He said that there is something fundamental about being human. When we tell a story, our brainwaves sync up, something that AI won’t be able to replicate any time soon. So lean into your ability to connect, empathize, and understand.

#5 To build million-dollar companies, build million-person media followings

One of my predictions for 2024 has been that your own story and unique voice become even more valuable because of AI.

We already see more “social CEOs” and “creator CEOs” – business leaders who become thought leaders thanks to content creation, social media and podcasts.

To quote Balaji Srinivasan: “Many who want to build million-dollar companies will have to also build million-person media followings.”

To dive deeper, check out “The Rise of the Creator CEO”, my episode with Laura Lewandowski, founder of SmartChiefs, and top CEO advisor Julius Bachmann.

#6 In 2024, Work = Communication

Knowledge workers spend 88% of their time at work communicating (2024 Harris and Grammarly report).

Communication is now synonymous with work. It's an opportunity for companies that get it right.

The flipside: more communication makes poor communication more of a problem. If workplace communication sucks, work sucks.

#7 We are all FOMO Sapiens

Patrick McGinnis coined the terms FOMO and FOBO (Fear of a Better Option) 20 years ago. Oh, and there is also FOLS (Fear of Looking Stupid).

Cognitive biases like FOMO were useful 200,000 years ago, but can seriously hamper our decision-making today. My take-away: FOMO is pointless, because we will only ever experience a tiny part of what the world has to offer. Relax, and focus on the people and ideas that really matter to you.

What’s next?

2024 has been a blast so far, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about the next three months. Most importantly, I am getting married in April.

That means that I get to hold the most important speech of my life: my groom's speech. If you know of any inspirational examples, please hit reply and let me know!


Start Q2 with a bang

As an ambitious founder or CEO, your ability to communicate effectively can make or break your success.

I have helped hundreds of business leaders and founders, just like you, turn communication from a weakness into their greatest asset. Through personalized coaching, you'll learn to captivate any audience, win the pitch, and elevate your brand's narrative.

Whether you're seeking to secure crucial investments, attract the industry's top talent, or cement your position as a thought leader, exceptional communication skills are the key.

There are only a couple of spots left so book a clarity call with me now to secure your place on the list for 1:1 coaching in Q2.


Be a 'Supercommunicator'

“Supercommunicator” sounds hard to achieve, but there is nothing magical about it.

“Anyone can learn to be a supercommunicator.”

It is a skill set acquired by those who think deeper about how conversations unfold, according to Charles Duhigg’s outstanding new book 'Supercommunicators'. Duhigg recognizes that “the most important goal of any conversation is to connect.”

Charles Duhigg draws on cutting-edge research and real-world examples to decode the art of influential communication. This insightful book provides a framework for honing critical skills like storytelling, rapport-building, and message framing. You learn how to overcome psychological barriers, craft compelling narratives, and deliver messages that stick. No matter your audience, "Supercommunicators" equips you with the tools to connect, persuade, and leave a lasting impact.

Check out my in-depth post on my lessons from the book here.

Have an inspired weekend!



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