7 Ways to Use Priming to Reach Your Goals

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7 Ways to Use Priming to Reach Your Goals

I went to see a musical last week. It was advertised as an upbeat affair. Yet the first scene was rather sad. The director wanted to prepare the audience for some serious topics. This is called priming.

You can observe the same in Hollywood movies when the first scene of a biopic shows the hero dying. The audience is primed emotionally not to expect a happy end.

Priming is highly relevant in business. If you want your campaign, presentation or message to be effective, it is crucial to understand this concept.

What is Priming?

Priming prepares our brain for what follows so it can recognize and react faster. Without this neat trick we would be pretty slow in the head.

Why Does Priming Matters for Business?

Priming is important because it influences how we perceive, interpret, and respond to information, often without our conscious awareness.

If you use it correctly, your audience is more likely to remember your key points and is also more open-minded and persuadable – whether they are customers, investors or colleagues.

If you don’t, your audience may reject your ideas – simply because they are in a different state of mind.

How Does Priming Work in Business?

There are four main types of priming you can leverage:

  1. Word Associations: If you repeatedly use words like "partnership," "collaboration," and "mutual benefit" in meetings with clients, you prime them to view the relationship as a cooperative and mutually advantageous one.
  2. Visual Cues: This includes images, colors, and textures. Displaying a graph with upward trends before discussing sales targets can prime your team to think positively about growth and success. This visual cue sets the tone for the discussion.
  3. Evoking Emotions: Create novelty or surprise to get the audience’s attention. Or share a success story about a past project to prime your team to feel motivated and inspired. They’ll be more likely to come up with ambitious and innovative ideas.
  4. Repetition: Repeating key messages like "quality," "trust," and "value" can prime your customers to associate these traits with your brand. Over time, these words will become linked to your business in their minds.

7 Ways to Use Priming Today

  1. Leadership Communications: Repeat your key message and terms like "vision," "growth," and "future" in your communications to prime employees to align their work with the company's long-term goals and vision.
  2. Client Meetings: Use words like "partnership," "collaboration," and "mutual benefit".
  3. Pitching: Before pitching an innovative idea, prime it with words like "creative," and "visionary" to encourage an open mindset. Show visuals that shout "groundbreaking".
  4. Team Motivation: Using words such as "achievement," "excellence," and "goal-oriented" in team meetings or feedback sessions.
  5. Innovation Workshop: Create the sensation of novelty at the beginning to open minds, for instance with a story or a prop.
  6. Presentation: Prime the audience to move the audience to action. For instance, when describing a problem, say “imagine if…” as a positive primer before offering a solution.
  7. Customer Support: Training customer service representatives to use words like "resolved," "quickly," and "efficiently" can prime customers to feel that their issues will be handled promptly and effectively.
  8. Marketing Campaigns: Using phrases like "premium quality," "trusted by experts," “unique” and "proven results" in marketing materials can prime potential customers to view your product as high-quality and reliable. This can influence their purchasing decisions.

The tl;dr of Priming

Use words, visuals, emotions and repetition to clear the path for your message. This makes it more likely that you achieve your goal.

If you don’t use priming correctly, the audience may react negatively because they are in a different state of mind.


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Simple is a Superpower

How do you craft simple messages that win big? That’s the question Ben Guttmann answers in this week’s episode of the Speak Like a CEO podcast.

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